Where Can I Download Blogger Templates - Best Sites For Downloading Blogger Templates

In this article we will be listing some of the best sites were you can download blogger templates. Blogger official produce only few templates to download and also they are wired. So we should download custom template. You have to depend on other sites for custom templates. We will list someone the best places for downloading blogger template.

Downloading Free Blogger Templates

Over 90% of the template are free template in blogger. So why pay when you can get templates for free. So here I will list some of the best places were you can download blogger template.

My Blogger Themes

My Blogger Themes will provide you almost all the free templates available for blogger. 

Sora Templates

Soratemplates provide there own unique blogger templates.

Downloading Premium Blogger Templates

Premium templates have a lot of advantage over those free ones. Free template may be badly SEO optimized. It will affect your site badly. But some provides like us who care about the clients do it perfectly. check some of our  few blogger templates

If you need a custom blogger template you can contact me at mremorocks[at]gmail.com


Themeforest is the an awesome place to downlaod premium templates. 

Soratemplates Premium

This is the premium section of soratemplates. Here will get premium templates at cheapest rate.

Font Awesome Icons For Blogger

Font awesome is a set of icons font. In this tutorial we will discuss the compatibility of font awesome in blogger. Font Awesome Icons are vectors. So there will be no difference in quality with it is normal size or when it 100x zoom.

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized size, color, drop shadow, and anything using CSS. Font awesome is project by Dave Gandy

How Font Icons will load Faster than Image Icons

This Font Awesome Icons can be a exchange for your image icons. This awesome font icon will load 10x faster than those single image icons. I think you are getting me wrong. Image icons will be smaller than this font icons. But the loading time will be different, because in font icons will take a lot of time in http request. but it will be super fast for font icons ;)

Font Awesome is very easy to integrate - Adding to Blogger

Adding Font Awesome icon for blogger is very easy. Just a single link of code is needed. Font Awesome icon is hosted by netdna. So don't worry about its speed ;).

To Add font awesome icon for blogger. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
Add the code after <head><link href="http://netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.0.3/css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>

Font Awesome icon has full user support

This makes font awesome icons perfect for blogger. Remember to replace "CHANGETHIS" with icon name. icon name is shown below
How to add a icon. Remember to replace "CHANGETHIS"<i class="fa fa-CHANGETHIS"></i>
 You can also Go to fontawesome.io/examples amd check all of the example on how to include font awesome icons. 

Font Awesome icons provides a list 360+ icons

Can you imagine 360+ images. they will should you use image png when you can have this 360+ icons in one just simple line of code. The below given is the list of icon name with icons. choose as you want and also you can download this image file. for offline and quick reference. screenshot taken from: fontawesome.io/icon

Font Awesome Legal

Font Awesome icons are open source. you can do what ever you want to do with this icons. check this for more.

Download Font Awesome

Hope you guys have enjoyed this article. If this article really helped you please feel free to share :)

Guest Blogging For SEO is Banned by Google

Yes you heard it right, No more guest blogging for seo backlinks. Matt cutts head of google's webspam team announced in his blog that guest blogging for seo backlinks is banned by google. Because from now google will take guest blogging as spam. As from google's point of view nowadays guest blogging for SEO is full of spammy activities.

Why Guest Blogging for SEO Banned by Google?

Matt starts his explanation with an email he received from a anonymous person. The bold part of this message clarifies the user needs SEO backlinks for writing up an article. Matt took that as the user is offering $$$ to get SEO backlinks ;). That is a violation of Google’s quality guidelines. He also adds nowadays more and more paid spammy links are active.

So from now stop guest blogging for SEO links, no use of that. There are a lot of video's suggesting why guest blogging in 2014 is dead. you should really check them

Let me know whats you view on this guys. feel free to share and comment below ;)

How To Make Direct Download Links In Google Drive

In this tutorial we will share the trick to make direct downloadable links in google drive. You can use google drive for many purpose. you can use to host website files like js, img etc. like this you can use google drive to host to make downloadable contents. You can use google drive to host softwares, zip files, any kind of file and make then direct download links.

By default you can't access this direct download feature of google drive because by default gogole doc viewer will open. It has support to a lot of extensions types, it supports - doc, autocad files, etc.

In this tutorial we will force google drive to download the files instead of opening it in google drive web viewer.

How to Make Direct Download Links in Google Drive

You can't simply create a direct download link in google drive. To make a this happen there is a trick. This can be achieved by changing the url's

Before we began make sure you have logged in your google account. and you don't have to change the any sharing option like public or private etc. leave it like that. It will work on public files and also in private files

Now open the file you wanna share on google doc web viewer like show in the below screenshot
After the file is open in the google drive viewer. you need to copy the file ID. You can get the file id from the url when the file is opened in google drive viewer.

URL of the file viewed on Google Drive Viewer hosted on Google Drivehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8l9kn54MZb6Y1pyQ3BLNXFLdDc5b2tIbDZhYmxKR2llYWNV/edit?usp=sharing

URL of the file viewed on Google Doc Viewer hosted on Google Drivehttps://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8l9kn54MZb6Y1pyQ3BLNXFLdDc5b2tIbDZhYmxKR2llYWNV/edit
Now copy the file ID and replace the FILE_ID from the below given url

URL of Direct Download Link. Remember to Replace the FILE_ID with real File IDhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=FILE_ID

Congratulations. we have successfully completed this tutorial. now we have learned to how we can make direct download links for google drive files.

If you have any problems you can leave a comment or if it is helpful please share it and show your appreciation.

ROFL Responsive Meme Free Blogger Template - Download

Guys we are releasing our first meme template. We have decided to make this template awesome. Yes you heard it right!. This is Fuckin Awesome. Why we named it "ROFL". Its because..... I usaully use this slang a lot of time. so why not use it as a name for a template.

About - ROFL Meme Blogger Template

ROFL is a meme based blogger template build for entertainment blogs. This blogger template will work like a wordpress hosted blog on your blogger. this template is has similar functionally of memecentercom, bobagento.com, naointendo.com.br, eumenti.com

ROFL Meme Blogger Template is perfect for picture sharing sites, meme sites, troll images, video sharing sites, You can say this template is made for entertainment sites. This has awesome colors scheme perfected for entertainment blogs. This template is marketed by templateku and designed by bloggerpanda ;)

Download & Demo

Design Features

  • SEO optimized
  • Auto load posts on scroll
  • Posts view counter
  • Facebook comment system integrated
  • Customized label section
  • Customized popular posts
  • Flat design
  • Cross browser support
  • Adsense Ready
  • Ads Ready

Template Structure

  • Responsive design 
  • Two column homepage 
  • Two column post page 
  • One widget sidebar
  • Top custom menu


documentation will be added soon

Simply Awesome Minimalist Blogger Template - Preview

Introducing simple minimalist blogger template. It simple but its simply awesome. As it is awesome and simple why not name it simply awesome. Simply awesome is a new blogger template. It is a minimalist blogger template. It's under construction but it will be released soon this week.

About Simply Awesome Minimalist Blogger Template

Simply awesome is a one column blogger template. this template is specially designed by personal blog use. which means you can share your life online awesome. this is robust one column template. which needs no editing etc. just install it and have fun. Awesomely user friendly, high graphics and very fast loading.

Featured Highlights

  • Responsive
  • Cross Browser Supported
  • Minimalist Design
  • Single Column
  • What you need else ;)

Other Features

  • SEO friendly
  • Fast loading
  • Attractive
  • Colorful

Template Structure

  • Single column
  • No sidebar :( we will release another version with sidebar ;)
  • Large header
This post will be updated soon with demo and download link
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